Experts Acoustique

With over 40 years of experience in the interior system field, Experts Acoustique is the business you need! Our numerous achievements in the hospital, institutional, commercial and industrial fields have allowed us to gain great expertise and know-how, which we will be pleased to put at your disposal.

All types of acoustic tiles, ceiling light fittings, structures, springing and metallic boxes, exterior or interior partitions, insulation and soundproofing, gypsum and splicing, plaster and plaster ornamenting have no secrets for the Experts Acoustique team.

Enquire with our team for expert counselling on covering and decorating. We always keep up with the latest trends and innovative ways of doing things!

Metal divisions

We offer a wide selection of metallic fixtures for walls or metallic springs made of light or heavy steel, which provides the most adequate design.


Contact us and enquire about our acoustic tiles with square frames or directly encased over mesh in various models and sizes. According to your budget, our tiles can be fireproof and include a very high acoustic efficiency level.

Suspended ceiling

We offer a large inventory of high quality hanging ceilings made of acoustic tiles with square frames or directly encased on mesh of various models and sizes.