Suspended ceilings

We offer a large inventory of high quality hanging ceilings made of 1x1, 2x2, 2x4, etc. acoustic tiles with square frames or directly encased on mesh of various models and sizes. To learn more about these products, consult: ArmstrongCGCBPB.


We offer various insulation products, whether rigid or semi-rigid, mostly for exterior walls. To know more about these products, visit Owens Corning.


We also provide and install wall panels, acoustic tiles, rock fiber or mineral wool.
To learn more about these products, consult:

SonopanOwens Corning, Roxul, Armstrong, CGC, BPB


To provide a partition of superior quality, we are in a position to install it and put it in place efficiently within a short delay.

Our partitions are mostly made of steel of various thicknesses, according to your needs, namely from 16 to 26 gauge. To learn more about these products, we invite you to consult the following sites: Dietrich Metal Framing or Bailey Metal Product.

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